In 1997, T L Ross Technologies started out as a sole proprietorship, formed primarily for the purpose of supporting the technical needs of our church in Indiana.

As  a volunteer sound engineer, I took on the responsibilities of the sound system and  computers. I took on even more responsibility when the new building project began. With the assistance of my lovely wife (a journeyman electrician at the time), a brand new technical infrastructure was incorporated into the new building, consisting of:

  • 32 Channel Sound Board
  • Video Projection System
  • Distributed Audio and Video
  • Stage Lighting Control
  • Computer Network

I actually started the business in order to get dealer pricing on the computer systems and other related technical products for the church, but quickly transitioned into designing and building custom systems. And, it wasn’t long before I constructed the church’s first website, incorporating the ability to download the weekly sermons, via direct MP3 downloads and through iTunes.

Over time, I picked up a few other customers (other churches, a mortgage broker, an insurance agency, a car lot, and several individuals) for computer consulting.

In 2008, my employer decided to relocate from Indiana to Texas, and they made me an offer to relocate with them. It was a fantastic offer that I just couldn’t turn down. So, I shutdown all operations in Indiana, transitioning my existing clients over to other very capable persons. We put our house on the market, and moved to Texas. By the way, we absolutely love Texas.

I tinkered a bit with the business in Texas, getting my Texas Sales Tax License and Federal Tax ID. Unfortunately, the demands of getting my employer’s new facility up and running were very time consuming, so I eventually had to suspend business activities. Several years later, when my employer decided to shutdown the facility in Texas, I attempted to resume the computer consulting aspect of my previous business. Unfortunately, it never got off the ground… probably due to my lack of interest and enthusiasm for it. I worked several tech jobs over the next 2 years. I even worked for a short time in auto sales… until I was called into the manager’s office, praised for my honesty and integrity, then told that it just isn’t going to work out. LOL

In August of 2014, I decided to get things up and running again, but with some changes to the business goals. Instead of computer consulting, I am planning to offer my services as a Test Systems Engineer. I have a lot of work to do, and some training to get under my belt first.

In the meantime, I am offering products and services through some of my affiliates from the early years (see links in the sidebar). You can purchase a variety of computers, tablets, software, and other personal electronics by following the Online Store link. You can also take advantage of data recovery services from the best Data Recovery company (they can recover from just about any device or medium).

I will also be writing articles (mostly technical in nature, but humor is probable at times) to inform you, and hopefully entertain you. Be sure to subscribe so you can keep up to date.

Until next time, y’all

Timothy Ross